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Bibliogram Code of Conduct


This code of conduct declares what is acceptable behaviour in Bibliogram's online discussion spaces, and what actions can be taken against people who do not comply. You can think of it as forum rules, if you like.


The nuance of human language makes it impossible to declare a list of specific things which are allowed and not allowed. Therefore, when interacting with others, we suggest you let the following principles guide your behaviour:

  • Consider others. There is a real person behind the avatar on the screen.
  • Listen to others. If someone tells you not to do something, please don't do it again.
  • Gracefully accept constructive criticism.
  • Assume the most charitable interpretation. If you're not sure whether someone is trolling, treat them seriously until proven otherwise.
  • When disagreements happen, try to resolve them constructively.
  • The debate should be about the topic, not about the person.


Despite the nuance of human language, some kinds of behaviour are absolutely unacceptable:

  • Sexualised language, sexual attention, or sexual advances.
  • Jokes, insults, derogatory comments or slurs based on race, sex, gender, or age.
  • Publishing other people's private information without their permission.
  • Uploading or linking to pornography, "shock" content, or other triggering media.


If you are upset by some behaviour you have witnessed or experienced, please privately message or email one or more of the moderators. The moderators are expected to take your concern seriously. People who privately report behaviour will not have their identity published.


Moderators may choose how to deal with unacceptable behaviour. Here is a non-exhaustive list of things they may do:

  • Inform the offender that their actions were unacceptable and should not be repeated.
  • Temporarily restrict the offender's ability to send messages.
  • Temporarily or permanently ban the offender from the discussion space.

When judging behaviour, moderators are expected to take into account its context, the nuance of human language, the potential for multiple interpretations, and simple misunderstandings.


This code of conduct applies to the Bibliogram discussion room and the Bibliogram mailing lists and ticket trackers on sourcehut.