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JordanPlayz158 a8a502615f
1 year ago
src/main Update 2.1: 2 years ago
.gitignore Added .gitignore to make sure files don't get added to the repository that are irrelevant, Changed config file to reflect new functionality, new method of creating zip, moved package from net.stormmc.JordanPlayz158 to me.JordanPlayz158.GBackup, is the google drive upload class, made new /gupload command if you wish to upload backups to google drive, Added command and permission to plugin.yml, Changed to maven-assembly-plugin in pom.xml because I need to include the google drive java api classes in the jar for google drive uploading to work, Made a class so multiple classes can access the same variables from a easy to remember location. 2 years ago
Jenkinsfile Added BlueOcean Pipeline 2 years ago
LICENSE Create LICENSE 1 year ago
pom.xml Fixed some issues in pom.xml 2 years ago